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So you want to play trivia? Well read this first.

Hey thanks for taking the time to check out the Brain Bash Trivia webpage and for reading my trivia blog. I can think of no better topic to cover for my first official blog post then the do's and don'ts of attending trivia. So here goes nothing.....

Trivia nights are meant to be fun and they are also meant to drive business to the host bar, of course the trade off is you come in and get a fun and entertaining two hours and possibly even win some prizes and at the same time you are patronizing the establishment that is hosting the night.

What does that mean? Well for starters it means order something. I totally get it if you don't drink or don't want to get drunk on a Tuesday night, but you can have a beer or even if you have a soda or cranberry juice (I love the cranberry juice) at least get a drink. Also try to not have dinner before coming out. I understand 8PM may be a bit late to have dinner, but if you aren't drinking at least order some food. Remember the trade off is free entertainment in exchange for your business and if you aren't ordering well then that isn't a fair exchange. OK so now we are all on the same page with food and drink let's talk trivia. Obviously we all know how smart the internet is, but trivia nights are to test how smart you and your friends are. It's OK if you don't always win, but for crying out loud don't cheat. It really is just a douchey thing to do. Also try and remember when you grab your phone to send a quick text the table across the way just sees you on your phone and the assumption will be you are cheating even if you aren't. Ideally you can wait until you hand in your answers before sending that text.

Ok so no cheating and lets order some food, now what happens when you feel there was an error with a question? Well those do happen from time to time so just remember that your host most likely didn't write the question and is just reading it, but if you go up to the host calmly and explain the issue he or she will most likely make the correction and may even award you some bonus points for being such a smarty pants. Really though the last thing you want to do is go up the host in a fit of rage because there was a typo or error in a question. Remember you get more bees with honey if you are into bees that is.

Lastly when it comes time to settling your bill just remember they guy or gal who has been waiting on you works hard. They most likely are waiting on multiple tables and if you were there for a full trivia night you were there for 2+ hours. So remember to reward good service. If for some reason the service didn't meet your expectations please speak to a manager but let's not stiff your server who has bills to pay and makes under minimum wage. They rely on those tips and if you were at a table for 2+ hours and only managed to spend $10 you can tip 50-100% really you can. 15% is so 1999, good tipping is good karma so build up that karma. So that about raps up this blog time we take a look at what makes a good trivia team......


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