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Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Hosting an office trivia party

  • Hosting a trivia party at your local school/church /event

  • Submitting a trivia theme night idea

  • Submitting theme round ideas

  • Complimenting a DJ

  • Becoming a DJ

  • Asking about a bar you wish had trivia 

  • Asking about prizes

  • Telling us how awesome we are

  • Telling us that we're not so awesome, but would like to provide some constructive criticism

  • Buying Brain Bash merchandise 

  • Telling us about your day at work and why trivia is the only thing you look forward to on a weekday



2301 W. Diversey Ave.

Chicago, Il. 60647
Tel: 312-208-6690

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Brain Bash Trivia was founded by Jeremy Cahnmann who hosted his first pub trivia event in February of 2008. Brain Bash Trivia has a fun and unique interactive trivia format that can be customized to suit a group of any age or background. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to inquire about or book an event. 312-208-6690



Brain Bash Trivia runs nightly pub trivia events all over Chicago. If you are looking to play somewhere check out the Where to Play page.


If you are a bar owner or manager and would like to bring us into your establishment please email or call 312-208-6690


Brain Bash Trivia has 6 rounds of fun, interactive trivia that covers a variety of topics. We also offer the option to do targeted theme nights such as ALL SEINFELD or ALL FRIENDS trivia nights.



Trivia can be a great way to bring a team together and a fun diversion from the office life. Trivia will help develop teamwork and allow people to get to know each other in a fun setting that is different from most office gatherings.


Brain Bash Trivia will work with you to customize trivia for your group so as to create as fun and festive an atmosphere as possible.


For more information or to book an event please call 312-208-6690 or email



Do you need to raise some money? Want a fun and interactive way to do it? Why not host a trivia night? Brain Bash Trivia has worked with school PTA's, Chruch groups, national nonprofits, and private organizations in order to help create custom trivia nights that are fun and engaging and also help to raise money for worthy causes.


We can not only help with the trivia aspect but can assist in finding a venue.


For more information contact us at 312-208-6690 or email

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